Seniors - Let’s talk! Civic EngAGEment Series

On May 7th, The Biglieri Group was honoured to volunteer as facilitators for Toronto Council on Aging’s “Seniors - Let’s talk! Civic EngAGEment Series” focusing on municipal policy related to Toronto Seniors.


Following a brief round of presentations by Dr. Samir Sinha, Sue Lance, and Councillor James Pasternak the participants broke out into separate tables. Using a world cafe format a brain storm session ensued and comments swashed onto the paper sheets regarding how the City could implement the goals put forth within the Toronto Senior’s Strategy 2.0.

Along with experts from the Toronto Public Library, Toronto Police, Toronto Fire Services, and the Vulnerable Persons Office the Biglieri Group was able to pose topics ranging from Digital Literacy, TCC access, to Fire and Police assistance.

The Biglieri Group was thrilled to participate in such a lively dialogue, encouraging community discussion and assisting the development of community relationships.

For continuing information regarding community outreach, please visit the Toronto Council on Aging

Summaries are currently being prepared and will be presently submitted to the Accountability Table for review and analysis.