Out for a Roll


Feet flat.

Stand-up straight.

Don’t grip the handle bars too tight .

Lean forward to move forward, lean back to reverse.

The basics of Segway have been taught and the Biglieri Group is now ready to attend the greatest Segway relay rally race we’ve attended.

Meeting on the very centralized (and brick clad) Trinity Street, the Biglieri Group was introduced to the basics of Segway safety, each given a personal hands-on tutorial on how to move and the course laid out before us. Nerves were at full gear and legs were shaky after dismounting - but familiarity is the key to success.

Team 1 and 2 were randomly picked, and then released out into the wilds of pylon dodging, bean-bag carrying, and the toughest challenge of all: bean-bag + pylon carrying / pylon dodging.

The race was close but Team 1 was the decided victor.

However, no contest can go without reward and the entire TBG family was taken out to Mill Street for post Segway dinner - with nerves relaxed and conversation flowing.