TBG in the News: Samantha Biglieri interviewed on CBC Radio on preparedness of municipalities in supporting an aging population

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CBC Morning Edition - K-W    CBC Ottawa Morning                  CBC Ontario Morning (Scrub to 2:15 in the podcast) 

Samantha Biglieri, Planner and leader of the Age- and Dementia-Inclusive Built Environment services at TBG was interviewed by five CBC Radio programmes on January 2-3 for a paper she co-authored with colleague Dr. Maxx Hartt (Cardiff University) on assessing the preparedness of Ontario municipalities in being able to support their aging populations. The research examined two things:

  1.  Population projections for all municipalities in Ontario with populations over 10,000;
  2. Examined whether or not a municipality had an 'Age-Friendly City' Plan. 

The research determined that small municipalities were most likely to have the greatest proportion of older adults 20 years into the future, and they were also the least likely to have started any Age-Friendly Planning. 

For more information or any questions you may have, please see this Press Release from the University of Waterloo, or contact Samantha directly at samantha@thebiglierigroup.com