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Residential Community Development

Condominiums. Townhouses. Detached Homes. Complete Communities. Master Planning.

It has been said that the foundation is the most important part of building a house - it is the base for the success of everything else. The same can be said for communities. Without the foundation of innovative and workable design, the community is destined to fail. The Biglieri Group Ltd. has over 30 years experience in designing residential developments and new communities that have become thriving neighbourhoods families call home. 

In implementing your residential development, The Biglieri Group Ltd. begins by creating several design concepts incorporating your ideas with our planning analysis. We provide various conceptual drawings and scenarios to you, outlining the processes and approximate costs associated with each. We then meet with municipal officials at a pre-consultation meeting to discuss the scenario you have decided upon. They outline initial comments and we begin the process of having your project approved. We consult with various stakeholders, conduct information meetings with the public, submit any necessary applications and help you find other professionals like environmentalists and engineers to complete any required studies. We coordinate all of these contributors in order to get approval for your desired community in a collaborative manner. At The Biglieri Group Ltd., we find innovative design solutions to resolve differences and to make good planning sense for the future.