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Residential Community Development

Condominiums. Townhouses. Detached Homes. Complete Communities. Master Planning.

It has been said that the foundation is the most important part of building a house - it is the base for the success of everything else. The same can be said for communities. Without the foundation of innovative and workable design, the community is destined to fail. The Biglieri Group Ltd. has over 30 years experience in designing residential developments and new communities that have become thriving neighbourhoods families call home. 

In implementing your residential development, The Biglieri Group Ltd. begins by creating several design concepts incorporating your ideas with our planning analysis. We provide various conceptual drawings and scenarios to you, outlining the processes and approximate costs associated with each. We then meet with municipal officials at a pre-consultation meeting to discuss the scenario you have decided upon. They outline initial comments and we begin the process of having your project approved. We consult with various stakeholders, conduct information meetings with the public, submit any necessary applications and help you find other professionals like environmentalists and engineers to complete any required studies. We coordinate all of these contributors in order to get approval for your desired community in a collaborative manner. At The Biglieri Group Ltd., we find innovative design solutions to resolve differences and to make good planning sense for the future.

Commercial + Mixed Use Development

Shopping Centre Redevelopment. Large-format Retail. Office Campuses. Mixed Use Development.

We know that creating both office and retail space is integral to the sustainability and prosperity of a community. We also know that it is important that these spaces reflect the community’s needs as well as meet future growth projections.  We specialize in planned and orderly development with an emphasis on community participation.

The Biglieri Group Ltd. has been responsible for managing every aspect of the project from concept to final approval. Our projects have included mixed-use developments, office buildings and major expansions to shopping centres. We ensure that all necessary legislation is examined and we consult with both the municipality and the community in order to gain approval.  In addition, we coordinate the other consultants needed to complete the project, such as engineers, architects, and landscape architects. Some of our recent retail projects have included the expansion of the Oshawa Centre and Vaughan Mills Shopping Centres.

Development Feasibility + Site Investigation Analysis

Understanding and Examining the Potential of a Property

We help you with making investment decisions by providing feasibility analysis and site investigations based on our planning expertise. With our extensive knowledge of planning legislation, including Official Plans, Secondary Plans and Master Plans, Zoning By-Laws, provincial policies, Greenbelt areas, and conservation lands, we are able to outline both the potential of a site as well as its constraints.  

We go beyond consolidating official documents and use our combined years of experience to create multiple sketches and AutoCAD renderings of possible uses for the property, including the specific constraints and potential associated with each. Our clients find that our thorough process, attention to detail and ability to think outside the box is what sets us apart.

Age- and Dementia-Friendly Built Environments

Helping Build Inclusive Cities for All

A rapidly aging and increasingly urban population will be the greatest demographic shift in our lifetime. As we age, our conceptual and physical access to the world shrinks, and the role of design of our communities and the type of housing we live in play an even greater role in our health and wellbeing. Complimentary to our planning, development and project management services, The Biglieri Group Ltd. offers specialized consulting services on best practices and academic evidence for building housing and communities that will support people throughout the life course, no matter their age or ability. Led by Samantha Biglieri, a doctoral candidate and planner whose research focuses on the experience of people with dementia in their neighbourhoods and age-friendly cities, we offer you the cutting edge. 

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Telecommunication Towers Land Use Approvals

Site Acquisition, Community Engagement, Municipal and Federal Approval

Each day, the demand for a more effective wireless communication system grows. In order to meet this demand, a collection of towers and rooftop sites are required to deliver services to Canadians. The Department of Industry Canada regulates the deployment of such antenna systems and they encourage both the building of multi-tenant units and antenna site sharing.

The Biglieri Group Ltd. has been working to help create such a network. We have been cooperatively working with the community, telecommunication providers, tower builders and all levels of government for many years in order to improve telecommunication services across Ontario and Quebec. We work with all stakeholders and follow the municipal and federal guidelines in order to help contribute reliability of these networks and to better serve and improve the communities we work in.

All Other Services

In addition to our featured project services, TBG also has extensive experience in a number of areas

  • Brownfields Redevelopment

  • Community Design (urban, suburban and rural design)

  • Community Engagement Conflict Resolution (facilitation, consultation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, negotiation)

  • Economic Development (downtown/neighbourhood revitalization, community improvement plans)

  • Energy/renewable energy/green energy

  • Environmental Planning

  • Expert Testimony before Tribunals and the Ontario Municipal Board

  • Facilities and Infrastructure Planning

  • Healthy & Sustainable Communities Planning

  • Industrial Planning

  • Institutional Planning

  • Parks and Recreation Planning

  • Regional Planning

  • Rural and Small Town Planning

  • Strategic Planning